How to Keep your Hair Healthy

16 Apr

               by Uptown Salon and Spa

                When we talk about our body, hair probably gets most attention. Some of us like our hair a lot. To others, it is just a nuisance which we need to wash and cut from time to time. But, it is always better if you keep your hair healthy and neat. It can only boost your confidence and make you feel better in company of other people.

                Even though washing hair is one of the most usually thing which you do, many of us don’t do it properly. Similarly to our skin, hair has natural oil which protects it. In case that you overdo it and start washing your hair each day, or even more, the oil is removed which can make issues to health of your hair. It is important for you to use an appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Don’t use products with too much proteins or sulfates. Again, similarly to skin, you need to moisturize your hair with oil (olive oil should do the trick).

                It is necessary to visit your hair stylist regularly so you can trim your hair. At the end of your hair, split ends appear. They are damaged and if you don’t cut them, they will continue progressing up hair, damaging the rest of it. Given how well you treat your hair, these visits can be more or less regular; it is all up to you. It is the best thing if you have a reliable person that cuts your hair. This will mean a lot for your hair in long term. One salon that does great haircuts is Toronto salon Uptown Spa.

how to keep your hair healthy

             Another important process is taking a shower. Although excessive washing is bad, we still need to keep our hair healthy and in good condition. This will prevent dandruff which leads to hair cells dying out. When you are taking a shower, don’t shower with excessively hot water. Besides the fact, that showering takes out the oil from your hair; hot water is making it dry and brittle. Furthermore, any process which includes heat will degrade the quality of your hear. All of these are things which we need to avoid at all cost. When you are done showering, don’t forget to wash your hair carefully because this way, you will be able to remove all the chemicals from shampoo.

                Hair drying can also be problematic. It is best if you let your hair dry naturally. Wash your hair in the evening, before going to bed, or perhaps when you know that you don’t have any obligations outside. Cotton towels are made from very rough fabric that can only ruin our hair. Also, as we previously mentioned, drying is putting a lot of heat on your hair which can only make it too dry and too brittle. Afterwards, when you comb your hair, don’t be too aggressive because you can only damage the cells. It is not necessary for you to have perfect hair as long as you keep it healthy.

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Follow Me To

23 Jan

You’ve probably heard or seen this lovely couple throughout the world wide web and how could you not? Murad Osman and his fiance, Natalia Zakharova makes a perfect team capturing amazing photos in one style of photography. Murad would take photos of Natalia in places they go while holding hands in a #followmeto manner.  If you haven’t seen them yet, here are some of their amazing photos combining elegant fashion, wonderful places and undeniably perfect photography.



According to Natalia, it all started here in beautiful city of Barcelona. Murad was keen on taking photos and nothing else grasped his attention. At one time she wanted to show him the old town part , grabbed his arm and dragged him forward and as you can understand it didn’t stop him from taking a picture even then. So that is how the first photo was born. After that their life had changed…”


Amazing Bali


Universal Studios, Singapore 



ravello amalfitan coast

Ravello Amalfitan Coast 



burj al arab

Burj Al Arab, Dubai 


Hong Kong 

Hotel Praktik Rambla.

Hotel Praktik Rambla 

Art Basel Miami

Art Basel Miami 

brooklyn bridge ny

Brooklyn Bridge New York  

We are amazed by how this couple brings so much colour into the world with this little project. It doesn’t take much, all you need is to do what you love doing.


Nataly Zakharova and Murad Osman

Refreshing Borcel Natural Spring Resort

16 Dec

It’s been a while since I posted here and thought of writing at this time. I actually been to several places this year and I could only write a few due to other demands in my reality. I’ve been staying in the Philippines since March of 2014 and it has been a roller coaster ride for me… here is my favourite hide out in Tabaco, Albay.


Philippines is a tropical country and blessed with summer climate all year round. Resorts can be found almost everywhere from man made to natural spring resorts. We found  Borcel Natural Spring Resort just several minutes away from Tabaco City proper. It offers a place unparalleled elsewhere in beating the summer heat. It’s a natural spring resort located at the foot of Mayon Volcano that has two large swimming pools and a kiddie pool with flowing waters from the spring. People flock here for swimming, eating and singing the karaoke and if you can’t sleep at night with a little bit of singing voices, this might not be the right place for you. This beautiful oasis within the city is a home for butterflies, natural spring, and surrounded by forest. There are accommodations with choices of non- aircon and air-conditioned rooms. We advise that you bring your own towel as the resort don’t provide any. The rest of the place are tables where you can place all your food and belongings if you don’t prefer to have a room. A perfect place for family and friends gathering, a quick getaway, company outings and receptions. No meals are being served here so you have to bring your own food- there are barbecue pits around or you can ask their cook to cook for you.

You may find this blog on another website too that’s because I also run another site but this is my personal account. Thank you for reading!

The Majestic Mayon Volcano peaking from behind.

The Majestic Mayon Volcano peeking from behind.


Borcel Natural Spring Resort


Borcel Natural Spring Resort



Cottages made of nipa hut.

Cottages made of nipa hut.


Outdoor shower by the kiddie pool

Outdoor shower by the kiddie pool

Parasailing at Puerto Galera

3 Jun

“Here we go again”. A usual  phrase that I always hear from my friend every time weekend comes. With this kind of sunny weather, you just want to getaway from the city! So we ended up at Puerto Galera, Mindoro. It is about 81 miles south of Manila. From the city, take a bus to Batangas port where you will take a ro-ro to go to the island. There are several nice beaches along the coasts of Puerto Galera but we chose the White Beach, which is the most alive spot. There are several hotels to choose from but due to peak season, it was hard for us to find a place. Luckily, we found the perfect accommodation for me and my friend.

Puerto Galera

We had a different option for our accommodation but we ended up with a better place. We checked in at Dream Wave Resort bar & Resto.

Puerto Galera

Our lovely bed! The room is equipped with aircon and television.

Puerto Galera

Here is what you will see at daytime. Though this picture seems peaceful, there are a lot of activities to choose from.

Among activities are beach volleyball, snorkeling, parasailing, banana boat, scuba diving and a lot more! We arrived in the afternoon so we thought it would be best to just relax and relieve from the stress of city life. We brought our towels, sunblock, and watched the sun set on the horizon.

Puerto Galera

Sunset at Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera

🙂 I can’t miss this chance to do the heart shot!

Puerto Galera

An array of bars, restaurants, hotels, resorts, souvenir shops, tattoo shops and more at Puerto Galera.

At night, is a different scene. There is a gay show while you’re having booze, you can lay on the sand and enjoy your lover’s company, or you can dance to a house music tune.

Puerto Galera

A lady spins fire poi. The crowd gathers at the front of a bar to witness this show.

The next day, we were undecided on what to but ended up parasailing!

Puerto Galera

The view from the speedboat.

Puerto Galera

On the speedboat were other tourists waiting for our turns to be lifted up in the air.

Puerto Galera

This is the highlight of our weekend. The best 20 minutes up in the air! It made me forget the rest of the world just by being up in the air because I saw that earth is truly beautiful.

We were lifted up and over the water. Then up again… it was so much fun I didn’t want it to end. Hope you like the pictures too!

Here is a video of Filipino talent that we captured. Have fun!

Love and kisses,




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Spend Eight Hours at Wensha Spa

3 Jun

What better way to relieve stress than to splurge yourself on a spa? There’s a vast competition when it comes to spa services and I found this amazing place in the Philippines called Wensha Spa. One thing that I like about it is you can spend up to eight hours pampering yourself for very low prices depending on the services that you prefer!

Their services include massage, facials, reflexology and deep exfoliating scrubs. There’s also a choice of buffet or ala carte dining. My favorite part is the amazing Jacuzzi with a large projector screen to watch a show. Note that you are not allowed to wear anything on the Jacuzzi aside from disposable underwear. Take advantage also of the steam bath, the gym, or just have fun at the dining area. Spend hours at the foot massage area chatting with your friends or you can fall asleep while your foot is being pampered.

Wensha Spa

Excuse my pose. I just get excited. 🙂 This is the entrance of Wensha Spa at Pasay City, Philippines

Wensha Spa

The waiting area. 

Wensha Spa

You will be greeted by the main dining area when you get inside. There is a choice of buffet pr ala carte dining and separate smoking and nonsmoking areas.

Wensha Spa

Yummy buffet.

Wensha Spa

The Jacuzzi. This is my favorite because I can still watch my favorite TV show even if I am not at home. 🙂 Also comes with it are shower rooms, complete with shampoo and shower gels.

Wensha Spa

Get yourself pampered and pretty with manicure and pedicure.

Sooth yourself on all these services with amazing body massage styles to choose from. For more of these, go to

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in love and in sex

In Love and In Sex

Backpacking Patong Beach Phuket, Thailand

2 May

Just daydreaming again for another backpacking trip!

Yolo Luisa

Patong Beach is the liveliest place in Phuket. I would say this place is one of a man’s type. If you are not accustomed to an alive and crazy nightlife, you might wonder where on earth you are.   There are several hotels to choose from depending on your preference. We did a backpack kind of travel because we only stayed for 5 days. We looked for cheap hotels when we arrived at the place. We found a place along Bangla Road (the center of nightlife in Patong). Patong Beach is very relaxed and laid back when the sun is up. And when the sun sets, the party begins!

What to do:

There are so many activities in this place and you really won’t be bored.

1. Water sports. When the sun is up, there are so many water sports to choose from. There’s deep sea fishing, sailing and cruising…

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19 Jan

We went to one local famous church one Saturday afternoon in Metro Manila, Philippines and we didn’t expect that we would end up riding a kalesa and tour some of the old heritage in Metro Manila.


This is one of the famous churches in Metro Manila that is said to be miraculous, called Quiapo Church.


After visiting the church, we thought of trying of riding this beauty.


Trailing Chinatown




Fellow rider




Intramurous, Manila



Manila Cathedral


Ruins of Intendencia


More colorful kalesa!


A parked jeepney, another local transport here in the Philippines


The kalesa ride takes you on a tour on several tourist spots and takes you back from where you came from.


The Manila Bridge

We went back to where gotten first and went shopping.


Ride with me again.


Until next time. 🙂

Love and kisses,





marina by the bay






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